Green Roofs

We have a range of environmentally friendly products including green roof systems, single ply membranes and our thin film solar panels.

Download the Green Roof BrochureBy combining the vast skills and resources of our two companies to form the Green Roof Initiative, we can provide you with a complete package covering every aspect of green roof design, development and construction.

Green roofs - vegetated roofs or roofs with vegetated spaces - are a simple, attractive, ecologically beneficial and economically viable solution to many of today's environmental issues. They have been adopted extensively in Europe (particularly in Germany) but have not really been taken up to the same extent in this country.

Nevertheless, we are now witnessing a surge of UK interest in green roof systems as their contribution to the environment is becoming more widely appreciated.

Green Roof Initiative


The Green Roof Initiative has been achieved to make available a total range of services covering every aspect of green roof development. It does this by bringing together the vast specialist experience of IPS Rubberfuse (providing the vital waterproofing technology that is at the heart of every green roof) and Greenfix Skygardens (providing unrivalled knowledge and understanding of plants, bio-systems and green roof construction).

The combined technical expertise of our two organisations is harnessed to a project management system that ensures everything goes smoothly from start to finish and that the most stringent standards are met at
every stage.

Talk to us about any aspect of green roof development. From initial consultation to planting and landscaping we can provide invaluable professional help
and advice.

IPS UK Ltd. Single ply membranes and thin film solar panels.